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Important Things To Implement A Good Mobile Marketing Strategy

If you aren’t using mobile marketing in your business then what are you waiting for? Mobile phones are being used more than desktop computers to surf the web and that number is continuously growing so waiting to see your competitors to take full advantage before you decide it’s worth your time is not a good idea. In the following article, you will read important things you should know to implement a good mobile marketing strategy.

Important Things To Implement A Good Mobile Marketing Strategy Know Your Customers

Even though mobile marketing is a growing trend and one eventually every business should be using, it is important to understand if it’s actually appropriate for your customer base today. There is no use pushing your QR (Quick Response) campaign if no one even understands what that is. What is the average age of your clientele? This combined with doing a quick survey will determine if this is right for your business.

Having A Mobile Version Of Your Website

We will assume as a business owner that you’ve invested in a website that attracts your customers and gets compliments as well. One thing you should know though is that not all websites are optimized to be viewed properly on a mobile device so making sure you have a mobile ready version set up prior to starting a mobile campaign will increase your chances of successful campaigns.

Email Formatted Properly

Another assumption we will make is you have built up an email list of your customers. This ensures that you can keep in touch with them and provide relevant and up to date news on your business. While emailing them, one should make sure the email is formatted best for readability on mobile phones. Always include a text version of your email if you normally use HTML templates. A maximum width of 640 pixels should be used in an HTML email, with a minimum consideration of 10px padding. What this means is you’re making sure that bigger and possibly clumsy fingers won’t click on something by accident.

Use A Texting Service

Although browsing the internet through the phone is growing in popularity, texting is still the king as far as messages are concerned. One doesn’t need to have a smart phone to implement a good texting strategy so using a broadcast texting service is a must for any good mobile marketing strategy. The investment is quite minimal due to improving and competing technologies and growing a text based list is quite simple to implement.

Mobile Apps

As mentioned, the use of smart phones is growing at an ever increasing pace so creating your own mobile application can be a good investment. This operates the same way as texting but one can push unlimited messages through the application and only worry about hosting fees which is very competitive. The overall experience is much more gratifying for many due to the rich features one can include on an app.

As one can see, we’ve only scratched the surface on what is possible through mobile marketing. Make sure to consider these above mentioned tips to get the best results.

Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi is a Freelance Writer, Content Creator, PR and Social Media Enthusiast.



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