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The Importance Of Building An Email List

If you are an online advertiser, then you know that the first thing that is required for a successful website is traffic. Without traffic you will not be able to make sales. So the big question is how do you get visitors to your website?

The Importance Of Building An Email List

There are many ways to optimize your web pages to attract traffic. Good SEO is important, and if you are unfamiliar with SEO, you should check it out. You can also use forum marketing, Facebook marketing, and other social platforms to promote your site. However, once you have visitors, it is important to retain them however you can. This is why many successful marketers understand the importance of building an email list.

Of course, once you have visitors to your website, it is important to have compelling and informative material to keep them coming back. If they don’t like what they see, even an email list won’t help you get return traffic.

On the other hand, people who like what they read on your site will want to know what you have to offer next. If you provide them with a way to sign up for an email list, it won’t be difficult to get people to join. Some marketers offer a free gift to anyone who joins their email list, and that’s not a bad idea. For example, a dog training website offers a free ebook filled with tips on how to get a dog to do basic tricks like roll over, sit, stay, and sit. Find something in your own niche to use as an incentive to join your list.

Once you have set up an email list, it is important that you use it. Your subscribers should get used to receiving an email or two from you every week. However, remember that they are not subscribing in the hope that you will try to sell them something. They sign up because they want more information and they believe you will provide it. So most of your emails should contain just that — information. It’s okay to provide a link to something at the end of your email, but it shouldn’t be the focus.

Also, don’t get into the bad habit of asking a question or posing a lot of problems just to force your readers to buy something to get the answers. I don’t know about you, but when I get emails like that, I quickly hit the “unsubscribe” button. It’s okay to submit an appeal, but the questions asked in your email really need to be answered.

People will join your email list because they want to believe in you. Don’t let them down. Don’t abuse your faith in yourself. You can generate a lot of traffic to your website through an email list. Just make sure the information you send to your subscribers is the information they want and are looking for. Once your traffic is flowing, you will better understand the importance of building an email list.

The Difference Between Marketing And Sales

Nobody likes a pushy or pushy salesperson. I know that when I go to buy a car I don’t want someone to play all kinds of aggressive sales tricks on me. In fact, I will stay away from a dealership if that is the type of sales staff they employ. Instead, I want someone to answer my questions and provide me with information. The same goes for online advertising – there is a difference between marketing and sales.

Difference Between Marketing And Sales

Have you ever joined an email list only to be instantly bombarded by a long list of sales pitches? I joined a list because I thought I might get some useful information. Instead, I started getting two or three emails a day, each with a link to a new product on the Warrior Forum! In every email they told me that the sender had used this product and it made them a lot of money. Many of the products were new! I quickly canceled!

Marketing does exactly what its name suggests: it establishes a market. For example, let’s say you have a lot of skill in producing profitable Squidoo lenses. Perhaps you’ve written a book, or put together a video series, on how income-generating Squidoo lenses are made. That is a valuable product.

Now is the time to market the product. A good way to do this is to introduce people to Squidoo. Explain how Squidoo lenses work. Show them some examples of glasses that are making money. Explain how much money can be made and how many people actually make a living with Squidoo.

If you were looking for a way to make money online and read information like that, you would be very interested, right? I could explain in more detail that anyone can learn to build profitable Squidoo lenses just like you did. Let them know if they are willing to put in the time and effort so that they too can be successful.

Then you can mention that you have put your tips and tricks into a presentation that will perhaps save you the time and headaches you went through. Don’t push too hard and don’t say they HAVE to have your product to make money. They do not do it. You want to offer your product as a time saver for them. You want to help them.

It’s always a good idea when you present an instructional product to conclude by saying something like, “If you decide to do it on your own, I wish you the best of success. Others have learned on their own and you can too. If you have trouble along the way, remember that my product is here as a resource to help you.”

I hope this article has helped you better understand how to market a product. People buy products when they market them properly. They will feel turned off by products being swallowed down their throats in high pressure sales presentations. Best of luck in your marketing efforts!

Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi is a Freelance Writer, Content Creator, PR and Social Media Enthusiast.


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