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Mobile Content Marketing Facts That Make a Difference

There are mobile content marketing facts that make a difference in your network marketing strategies. Many businesses simply do not take advantage of mobile marketing as a way to increase their profits through effective promotions. However, mobile content marketing is becoming the new wave of advertising, and connecting to a loyal fan base, and potential customers.

There are numerous facts concerning mobile marketing that every business needs to understand. First, within the next four years, there will be more customers that have access using their mobile devices that can quickly connect to the Internet, then over their PCs.

Mobile Content Marketing Facts That Make a Difference
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Studies already indicate that individuals spend a significant amount of more time connected to mobile applications (over 95 minutes each day) when compared to the time spent on their desktop, or on the mobile web.

In addition to that, nearly half of all business to customer marketers use mobile content as a marketing strategy. This fact alone should indicate that other businesses need to get involved, and find the benefits of mobile marketing.

Nearly 1/3 of all business-to-business marketers use high quality mobile content as an effective marketing tactic tool. Out of that, 26% use mobile applications for promotions.

In the last two years, the tactics used by business-to-business marketers has increased significantly from 15%, up to 33%. In addition, 30% of the managers of marketing strategies believe that branded mobile applications are offering a significant important channel as an effective tool for engaging with consumers.

Nearly 8 in 10 adults in the United States own a cell phone, of which more than half of those mobile subscribers use a smart phone. Only one quarter of all Americans that are now using their mobile devices can gain access over the Internet.

When surveyed, three quarters of all users that have a smart phone said they would choose to use a connection to the mobile web rather than shopping using a mobile application. Nearly 6 in 10 of all online global consumers are now watching video movies and video television shows on their mobile device, at least one time every month.

Well over one quarter of all online global customers say that their time on their phones is dominated by social networking sites and games. In addition, three quarters of those that have a smart phone said that they would be willing to wait only five seconds and no longer for a webpage to fully load before leaving and going to a different site.

Nearly 3 out of four individuals that use a smart phone in the United States typically use their device to gain access online when they are traveling. Out of that, 65% of all users that have a smart phone in the United States use their communication device to search online, when shopping in a physical brick-and-mortar store.

Seven out of 10 individuals that search using their mobile phone lead to some type of action that is taken within the first hour. Oddly enough, it takes over one month to gain the same percentage of users on desktops to catch up.

These mobile marketing percentages are indicating that the wave of marketing on mobile devices is moving fast.

Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi is a Freelance Writer, Content Creator, PR and Social Media Enthusiast.


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