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Online Advertising Is Direct Selling At Its Finest

Direct selling and online advertising are two words that are often completely misunderstood. If you ask a group of people what the definition of direct selling is, you will find a variety of answers. So what is direct sales in relation to online advertising? What does it mean and what is its function?

Online Advertising Is Direct Selling At Its Finest
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Direct sales are when a person sells a product in a way that does not involve a retail store or a window display. Simply put, it is the process of selling products directly to a person at your home in person or through an online connection. This would include door-to-door sales or having a home sales presentation, such as a sales party. It can also include selling a product online through a website. As you can see, the definition of direct selling can offer a wide variety of explanations.

For example, person-to-person selling is a technique that has been used for decades. In the past, many sales representatives traveled the country looking for their next customer. They went from town to town knocking on every door until they found an owner willing to buy their products. You may have heard of some like the Fuller Brush Man or the American Encyclopedia Salesman. These men were the father of direct sales.

Their sales methods involved various techniques while interacting directly with a customer. This can be done over the Internet or door-to-door. Today we still see this popular door-to-door sales method. Most independent direct sales representatives begin their career by selling their products and services to all of their close friends and family. Later, when they no longer have friends or family to sell to, they turn to other people to buy their products. There are many ways to establish a customer base when it comes to direct selling. The bottom line is that you want to reach people so they know what service or product you have.

Having an Internet sales party at someone’s home has been a very effective way of establishing a customer base. You offer the owner a reward or a portion of the sales to sponsor the Internet sales party at their home. They will be encouraged to invite all of their friends and family to the meeting. Later you can offer the same incentive to everyone who attends. An excellent example of this is the popular Tupperware parties that have proven over many years to be very successful for both the person sponsoring the party and the sales representative. Many of these types of parties will have the full list of products available online for all to see.

Having an internet sales party with a group of friends and family is a great way to have fun and earn some money or rewards at the same time. This form of direct marketing and sales over the Internet has been used by many companies and has proven to be very profitable. Most of these party sales arrangements are sponsored by women. However, there are some companies that offer their products to men.

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Online Advertising And The Art of Presale

If you think that online advertising is about selling things online, you are sorely mistaken because marketing is NOT the same as selling, although selling is part of marketing.

Online Advertising And The Art of Presale

Marketing is all about pre-selling things to people and making them realize how a particular product can benefit them.

Pre-sales involves some detective work, specifically on the “why” of the people behind the purchase. In other words, it’s about discovering the hot spots in the market. You might be surprised, but people, most of the time, buy things out of excitement and rationalize their purchase afterwards. However, they also don’t like when people sell them things.

So if you want to get into online advertising and want to make a lot of money, part of your job is to discover the hot spots in your markets and then sell products to them in advance. Always talk in terms of benefits and benefits. This is true regardless of the product you are promoting or want to promote. The principle of pressing hot buttons and presale products is the same. If you want to get started in online advertising but don’t know what niches you should be involved in, there are a number of ways you can research, including:

  • Search for the top 100 products on Amazon and eBay
  • Looking for the most embarrassing and painful diseases
  • Knowing what other people’s problems are when it comes to cex and dating.
  • How people can earn more money or get out of debt

Based on the items we listed above, it’s safe to say that the most profitable online niches are those that involve physical products, disease, love, and money. You can’t go wrong if your efforts are in those niches, however, as we made it obvious before, BEFORE you do any marketing, you need to do your research on the buyers and the product. When you’re confident that you can sell ice even to an already ice-saturated Inuit land with your market research information, that’s when you can start building your websites and promoting them.

If you’re going to optimize your website for Google and other search engines (which we suggest you do), be sure to target keywords where people are almost ready to buy. Keywords like “where to buy …” or “….. reviews” or “… scams ”will almost always guarantee sales.

When you are creating websites, always think that they are assets that will make you money. So, make sure your websites are 100% yours by purchasing domain names and signing up for a hosting account. These things don’t cost more than a few dollars, so it’s easy to think of them as your investment toward financial freedom.

However, keep in mind that online advertising won’t make you a millionaire in a matter of weeks, despite what someone else may tell you. If you want to consistently earn money, you also need to make consistent effort. When you are making money from a website, create another website until you have reached your income goals. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way because they are part of the learning curve.

Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi is a Freelance Writer, Content Creator, PR and Social Media Enthusiast.


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