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How YouTube and Pinterest Can Boost Your Online Sales

Do you use YouTube and Pinterest to promote your business online? Otherwise, you are losing very easy traffic. Both sites have the ability to attract thousands of visitors to your site each week. All you have to do is use them correctly.

How YouTube and Pinterest Can Boost Your Online Sales

The reason that social networking sites have become so popular with online advertisers is because of the viral energy they generate. Have you ever logged onto YouTube and watched a video and then noticed that it has had over a million views? It is not uncommon.

How does that happen?

Well, whenever someone uploads a YouTube video to their Facebook site and someone views it, it is reported to YouTube and listed as a view. If the video is entertaining and all your friends turn around and paste it on their Facebook pages, and then their friends watch it and do the same, well, you can see how quickly the effect can explode.

Imagine that a spectator produces two; two produce four; four produce eight; eight produce sixteen, sixteen produce 32, —- in a matter of time you are in the hundreds of thousands! You do the math.

But what kinds of videos get that kind of viral movement? Obviously they have to be fun, entertaining, newsworthy or shocking videos.

Now imagine that you have put together a short video about your dog training site using a Windows program. If the video is nothing more than slides on how to train a dog, your video will not stream. But what if you have a video on how to teach a dog to dive off a high disk? And he does! Do you think that could be overlooked? How about a cute little puppy who refuses to return his master’s slipper and keeps running away and trying to hide it? Videos like that can be golden!

The same goes for Pinterest, although Pinterest features still photos more than videos (although you can upload videos to Pinterest). These images can be seen by millions of people. The viral effect occurs when someone sees your image (called a pin) and pastes it back into one of their tables. The viral effect can be amazing — and every time the image is repeated, a link to your site accompanies it.

Because the majority of Pinterest users are women, the most repeating pins have to do with fashion, recipes, kids, and artists. Also high on the list are decorating tips. If you work in those niches, you can expect a lot of help from Pinterest. But even if you don’t, if you can find one of those topics and still match it to your niche, it will work great.

Using Pinterest and YouTube are great ways to drive more traffic to your site. More traffic means more sales — so don’t overlook these two great resources.

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How Long Before You Can Make Money From Online Advertising?

If you are thinking about getting into affiliate marketing on the internet, you are probably wondering how long it will be before you can make money. After all, there is so much hype about the amount of money you can make online, you’re probably a bit overexcited to have your share of the internet affiliate marketing pie.

Make Money From Online Advertising

If you ask me, you can make your first sale within a month of working on the Internet. Personally, I made my first sale three days after writing a detox article and submitting it to So when it comes to the first sale, it’s easy. However, generating full-time income on the Internet takes time and money. And so, we would like to say that if you are going to do affiliate marketing on the internet, set your sights on generating a full time income from the internet, not just your first sale because really, within the realm of possibility, it is one. one of the easiest things to accomplish. However, there are several tools you must have:

1. Knowledge about the consumer buying cycle

The tried and tested consumer buying cycle is truly your best friend when it comes to online advertising, especially when you use search engine optimization (SEO) as your marketing method. The buying cycle indicates that people first notice a product, consider it, and then buy it. It is in the buying stage, when people are ready to buy, when they make money. If your method is SEO, you can simply target keywords where people are ready to swipe their credit cards.

If you are not sure what SEO is, it is simply the method of ranking your websites on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines for certain keywords.

2. Mastering a marketing method

SEO is not the only method of marketing things online. There are also other methods, such as advertising on ad networks and Facebook, or marketing on social networks.

Any of the methods mentioned above can earn you a lot of money. However, we like to say that you don’t earn zero to thousands of dollars if you go ahead and try different methods at the same time. You only have eight hours to work on any given day, unless you are willing to be strapped to a chair before your computer. Make good use of your time by studying just one method and really disciplining yourself to get to the point where you master it. You’ll know when you’ve mastered a method when you’re consistently selling in a given month.

3. Persistence

Mistakes and failures here and there are part of the learning process. So when you make big mistakes that cost you money, avoid them next time, but keep learning and applying what you’ve learned until you’ve reached your income goal.

In general, affiliate marketing on the Internet is not a get-rich-quick scheme where you just sit back and relax. It doesn’t take a lot of work, but it does take a certain amount of work to earn a full-time income online.

Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi
Ugo Obi is a Freelance Writer, Content Creator, PR and Social Media Enthusiast.


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